De-shed Casting Treatment

De-shed / Casting Treatment

Let’s talk about dog hair. Particularly about the hair that your dog leaves behind on the couch, the floor, the bed, your clothes…EVERYWHERE. 

It’s a pest especially when you’re hoovering twice a day, everyday, and nothing seems to keep it at bay. 

Dogs are dogs and they will always usually cast at least some hair, just like we do when we brush our hair, but there are ways to prevent and decrease just how MUCH hair is coming from them.

The De-shed Treatment is the perfect solution to this as it dramatically reduces the mess and cleanup of unwanted hair in your home while also helping to keep your pet cooler, healthier and shinier! It is especially important as if dead hair is left to build up, it impacts your dogs ability to regulate their body temperature meaning not only discomfort for them but also risk of overheating and matting.

Included in the package is:

  • A double/triple shampoo specifically designed to loosen dead hair;
  • A deep conditioner left to set for 5 minutes;
  • High velocity blow out to remove dead hair at the skin;
  • Specialist tools and brushing techniques that have been developed to remove undercoat ;
  • Nail clipping, ear cleaning & doggy cologne spritz to finish.

You can expect the treatment to reduce the shedding of your pet by up to 80% after first treatment. You may experience some shedding of the loosened hair over the first 12-24 hours after you take your pet home. For extended and continually improved results, the treatment should be repeated every six to eight weeks or as recommended for the breed.


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